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Two children wearing masks and gloves are crafting a bird feeder, showcasing their creativity and care for nature.

In our TK-5 classrooms, KDA’s learning methodology is centered on the holistic development of our students' breadth of knowledge through a standards-based and culturally-responsive approach. We pride ourselves on our dedication to creating meaningful pathways for our students into STEM, curiosity, and change-making.

We will always have STEM with us. Some things will drop out of the public eye and go away, but we will always have science, engineering, technology, and mathematics.

Katherine Johnson

Action-Oriented Learning

Inquiry Based Learning is a method which engages students in learning through sustained focus on an inquiry project and usually brings together many different subject areas for collective action and community impact.

Learn more about how KDA is impacting our community.

Maker Education focused on bringing together Science, Math, Technology, Engineering, and Art (S.T.E.A.M.) in a student-centered creative way. 

🔬 Science

Students in TK-5 receive at least 90 minutes of science instruction per week with many classrooms offering science and engineering experiences daily. KDA is proud to provide our students with high-quality, hands-on experiences in science with Delta Education’s Next Generation Full Option Science System (FOSS) kits in each classroom. Our curriculum is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). We have three units throughout the year:

  • Physical Science
  • Earth Science
  • Life Science

⚙️ Engineering

Students are encouraged to problem solve through the engineering process.

  • Ask questions and define a problem
  • Collect data and information
  • Visualizeinformation to make people understand the issue
  • Create and develop a geo-inquiry story
  • Actby engaging the community in your project

Through project-based learning, students have tackled real-world issues within our community. Read more about our community action projects here.

🎨 Art

Students hone their creativity through integrated arts in the classroom and through dynamic lessons with our specials teachers. At KDA, students are able to explore both visual and performing arts.

💻 Technology

We are proud to offer 1:1 Chromebooks for all of our students. Students in TK-2nd and in our SDC programs have touchscreen Chromebooks to support developmental learning with the technology. Students in 3rd-5th grades have regular Chromebooks with access to more advanced learning applications.

We are also excited about our partnership with KaiXR and are proud to be their first Oakland school! Through this dynamic program, students are able to learn and create in the metaverse through coding, VR design, and more!

🧮 Math

KDA has adopted Eureka Math² from Great Minds as our core math curriculum. This hands-on curriculum is a revolutionary math program designed to ensure that students move beyond rote memorization to build enduring math knowledge.

Every lesson includes opportunities for student discourse because peer-to-peer discussion helps students solidify their understanding of math concepts. Students learn to think like mathematicians as they tackle tough problems and answer their own questions.

🌎 Social Studies

KDA adheres to the belief that social studies education should foster, for all students, the ability to understand their world and to have an appreciation for the various cultures represented in our classrooms, communities, and world. Our curriculum leads students from an understanding of oneself and one's immediate surroundings, to the greater community of Oakland and California, and eventually to an understanding of traditions by looking to history and thinking forward to the future.